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Our Mission / Purpose and core beliefs.

To provide the best service and products to give sport and leisure enthusiasts, through to amateur level athletes a professional presence.

A brand that believes in quality products at affordable prices which supports all levels of sport and leisure, the everyday person, to aspiring athletes through to professionals.

Allow teams to have quality gear readily available to order for the whole club and personalised to their own means.

Where does the name Vexilla come from?

Vexilla is the plural word for the Roman Vexillum. This being a flag like object used as a military standard by troops in the Ancient Roman Army. This would include an image or design which represents different companies with in the Roman army.

Our promise to you!

Here at Vexilla we hope that our own standards inspire you to be part of our growing loyal customers and wear our very own brand in the garments we provide for your own pursuits within the sport sectors around the world. Whether you wear our logo or merge it with your own teams Crest, Vexilla is here to provide quality products with a quality service in the hope you achieve the impossible and fill your potential. 

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